The Role of Hlanganani Orphans Care

Hlanganani Orphans Care was established by members of the community who felt compelled to address the orphan crisis in South Africa.

Hlanganani” means “get together”. We have all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” and we truly strive to fulfil this statement. We ensure that a child remains within their “village” or community, by creating a “village” or network of support for each child. This network is made up of local carers, organisations and businesses.

Hlanganani’s mission is to establish such a network of people, organisations and businesses so that we can provide expertise in uplifting a community by empowering its members to adequately care for orphans. Our goal is not to run the lives of orphans, but to empower them.



To see the people rise up, network with each other and to do something to help in every area of need, for example widows, orphans, aids sufferers, unemployment, disease, mentored youth and schools. If each person covers their small area of responsibility, it creates a marvellous difference as a whole.

We at Hlanganani administrate and connect people and business to enable this process to take place.


The Big Picture

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