Hlanganani June | July 2015 Newsletter

Hlanganani Newsletter

June | July 2015

We half way through the year, I will try to keep this letter shorter than the last one…..but we always seem to have so much good news!  Who gets good news these days?

A New Branch

I have begun a new program which has linked in to Billion Child Foundation. We do parenting skills workshops where we train teachers to go back to their own schools and run a parenting program there.  My plan is that: the parents who complete the course, are asked to mentor one other vulnerable child in the same school as their child becoming an “Angel Parent”.

Statistics show that 40 out of 100 children are vulnerable which is a huge burden on the schools and teachers.  My prayer is that all those children will have someone that is interested in their progress, giving them hope and love for a better future! Mother Theresa said “The worst poverty is being lonely.”

Diepsloot Training

Sasolburg Training

We have carried out training 8 schools in Diepsloot which represent 8000 children so we hope the parenting course is followed through by them.  I will follow up with them again after the July holidays.

I was also involved with training near Sasolburg where 91 churches have learnt to run the program and run the workshops with their parents.

We now have a small fund to train 16 Early Childhood Development Schools in Diepsloot with the parenting course.

Home Based Carers

One of our Home Based Carers got a First Aid Certificate! Congratulations Delani!

We Are Multiplying

Home Based Care training has taken place in a new area called Cosmo City, the exam gets written tomorrow, so we expect to have more volunteers to expand the orphan care program in Cosmo City when the schools get back from the holiday.

Job Shadowing

The children are revving themselves up for the holidays during which they will be job shadowing: Accountants; Bookkeepers; Actors; and engineers/pilots at the airport. Some of them have also been offered a chance to do a first aid course.

One of our boys received a certificate for a sponsored fire fighting course and is in the top of his Extra Maths course and high in the ranks of soccer at his school!  Blessings to see the fruit in the children!  Two of our team are also going on a missions trip to Venda to spread the gospel and make disciples.

We also had 4 of our children that have completed school, kindly sponsored to do a 3 day Microsoft Course which they loved!  I am sure it will help them in the world of work! 

Safe House Update

Our Safe House papers have been stuck at council waiting for approval, the money is being loaned to us as no bond has come through, so any companies or groups of people that want to raise funds for the payback, would be a blessing!

Victory Weekend

All our Home Based Carers went on “The Victory Weekend”, which is a time spent with God reassessing where you are with Him and removing any personal issues that are getting in the way of that relationship. They are to attend discipleship training and then train their children.  Please pray that the message gets through in its entirety to make whole, Bible committed Christians, that can multiply His kingdom. 

Thank you for your love,  prayer, support and  interest towards us.  Till next time, may God be your strength and comfort.