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Hlanganani September | October 2015 Newsletter

Hlanganani Newsletter

September | October 2015

The October holidays are onto us! Then its exam term!  I have mixed feelings as the work standard is so low and the tutors work SO hard to improve the marks and love them to a better hope.  Some chose to respond, some don’t.  I have decided to be firm (heartbreaking) with those that are not trying and will offer their places with Hlanganani to children who are willing to make a difference in their lives.  Please pray for our one matric student this year (T’absile) as she enters into her final chapter of school.

Since August we have had the privilege of Juliana Beyer; Niclas Sorg and Elias Berger visiting from Germany and experiencing life with Hlanganani ; Diepsloot  and Junction Church:  These are the comments they have about what they saw and did: Elias-“The five weeks I stayed in South Africa were definitely great. Working with the Children in Diepsloot was such an experience for my life. All in all I learned many new things about the language, people and culture in South Africa. I would come back anytime.”

Juliana- “I’m actually involved in another project called Lifexplosion but staying with Bonnie and Terry means of course to experiencing life with Hlanganani and to be a part of it for 3 month. It’s great getting to know the children and homebased carers. There is so much love and support for everyone. One of my favourite thing is that all the children stay in their community and have someone who looks after them.  I also see the process of the Win -Win parenting course. I’m excited what will happen in the next weeks. I’m so thankful for Bonnie and Terry and of course God that I could come to South Africa. It is a great adventure!”

Even Josi (also from Germany - last year) and Katherine (Canada) returned to South Africa and popped in to say ”Hi” to us all again!!! It’s fabulous to have us loved!!


Our present Home Based Carers (without me there) are training up another 10 attendees, which are going into their third week of training. I am so proud of them! My hands are shaking with the potential this has for the orphaned children!  Without Home Based Carers we cannot multiply!! Three of the trainees are orphans who have travelled through the Hlanganani system and are ready to give back, this is how we remain sustainable.
Win-Win parenting 
Win-Win parenting has trained 16 more teachers to train parents how to parent their children.  So far 93 parents have received the message and were so excited about it! That’s only through 3 schools… and we have another 13 still about to present their course!  Please pray for a clear message that changes the lives of the parents and the children and the community!!

Cosmo City

Our Orphan Care multiplication with 4 new Home Based Carers has allowed us to sign up 7 more children!!!!
Job shadowing excitement in the skies for one of our boys

Our Safe House

The title deeds are ready for collection!  The house is ready to move into – we have to secure it a bit more with razor wire and do maintenance work on it,  which we hope the community will rise up and help us to do.   We are BEE compliant and give tax benefit certificates should ANY wish to contribute to the financing of this endeavour and/or elsewhere.
We are about to start deciding on how we can bless the children at the end of the year(can you believe it?), which is always fun and special to them. 

I sent out a question to all the Hlanganani children:  “If we could, I would like Hlanganani to:……………………………………”  I hope to have some feedback on that for, next time.
A huge thank you to all sponsors; supporters and interested parties!