Hlanganani - Nov-Dec 2015 Newsletter


Hlanganani Newsletter

November | December 2015

We  had our end of year celebration by taking the children ice – skating, all of them had never done it before.  What a joy to see the laughter and faces as they negotiated and courageously took on the challenge.  CAL laboratories and the Northgate Ice rink made the celebration possible for us this year, and we are so thankful to them. 

We also had a picnic to say thank you to all the locals that donate their time, Home Based Carers, the staff at Junction Center, the tutors , the mentors and general support. Without them we could do nothing! Even behind the scenes like passages of scripture on lovingly written birthday cards, toiletry shopping, report collecting, eye testing, and many things more that go on in looking after children.

Thank you for your prayers for the children over the exam times, to show themselves approved of God’s workmanship! Also for their safety over the holidays. We look forward to seeing them pass!!

We had a wedding on the 29th November to bless the marriage of one of our boys who is ready to make the commitment. We pray that his family will be blessed in making the vow before God and man. All things went well and it was a blessed time.

We will have a grand opening of our Hlanganani safehouse on the 16th January for all those locals who would like to see where we are in Diepsloot. Many contributions have been made to set up physically and thank you for this! We still need to set up the homework room with functional computers and internet. Financial contributions to pay off our loan on the house are still needed, please spread the word for CSI spend in all your network areas.

May you all be blessed and have a wonderful time over this festive season and come back restored and ready for the new year.

Kind regards and God be with you till I write again!
A huge thank you to all sponsors; supporters and interested parties!