Hlanganani May 2016 Newsletter

Hlanganani Newsletter

May 2016

If you have been on facebook you will have seen our photos of the wonderful picnic we had instead of the rained out camp! Meadow feeds sponsored the food which filled the tummies amply.  The children had a wonderful time and below is a letter we got from the Cosmo children and the Diepsloot children.  These thank you’s make everything worthwhile! One says “We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths.”  “…the love you are giving us keeps us smiling.  When we think about Hlanganani our hearts are filled with joy.  We really appreciate our HBCs (Home Based Carer) with the love; support; care and generosity that they are giving us”….and a whole lot more encouraging words.

Thank You Letters

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Activity Report

We are in the process of signing up 15 more children bringing our total in Cosmo/Lanseria to 26 already!  In  Diepsloot we have 27 so our numbers have doubled  in the first 5 months of this year!  With the training of only 3 new home based carers – so the more home based carers we have the more children can be overseen!  The biblical foundations of life are being shared with the Home Based Carers,  in weekly meetings, which they, in turn, share with their children, who we hope will rise up and share with their peers.  We are doing values assessment with the new children to try to see where they are at now and in 6 months time we will do it again to see any difference we have made.

None of the above would be able to be done without you the sponsors, so give yourselves a pat on the back.  Lanseria International Airport will be sponsoring us with the Cosmo/Lanseria Hlanganani, while we still rely on donors for the Diepsloot children. Please pray for the safety of all our children, as life in the streets in very tough!

Our next happening is job shadowing for all those 15 yrs and older to give them an idea of the career choices out there and to face the real world out in a safe environment.  So anyone willing to have the children in Johannesburg area – please come forward and offer your place of work- 27th; 28th 29th June.  Even if it’s not for the full 3 days! Through this one of our boys is well on his way to being sponsored by Lanseria International Airport, who have already given him amazing experiences.

For more information on Lanseria International Airport

Here’s some thoughts about Hlanganani through the eyes of Juliana Beyer who is back from Germany:

It’s a place where people come together. Hlanganani gives orphans an opportunity to be part of a family and to learn what that means. Not everything is perfect all the time. BUT the children know that there are home based carers who look after them, who take care of them and love them like their own children. Coming together means, support, entourage and challenge each other and also getting to know Jesus and what it means to follow him. So that they can go out to influence and  their community. To see happy faces of the children, home based carers who have hearts of mothers and fathers and the joy and love for each other shows me that God has a big plan for Hlanganani. It’s amazing to see what God is doing.  I pray that God will lead and protect Bonnie, Terry and all the children and home based carers. I’m thankful to be part of it and to help where God wants to use me. I’m excited for the next few weeks.

Me too! 
A huge thank you to all sponsors; supporters and interested parties!