Hlanganani Newsletter

Sept/Oct 2016

Winding down or winding up?

Winding down or winding up?  The end of the year is fast approaching with exams and frantic activity to complete what still needs to be done this year.  The children will have to work hard as some of the reports have been rather disappointing.  Please pray for focus and less distraction; considering what is happening at universities in South Africa, it would be great if they could get a good school education at least.  The  die-hard, willing tutors work hard every second Sunday after church to help this situation but if the child does not do their side of things it does not help!

We are proud of two of our Home Based Carers who have worked hard for ECDC (Early Childhood Development Centre) qualifications, this means they can run their own ECDC.  We always encourage the Home Based Carers to be self- supporting so that they do not become needy in their volunteer work for Hlanganani. 
Our numbers are just on the edge of 70 children now!  Three more home based carers are being trained in the Malajie area.  This is near Lanseria Airport where our donation for this area is coming from. The awesome overwhelming feeling of being responsible for so many gets put into God’s hands and one watches what happens!  One of the families of 4 orphans, lost their shack in a fire, with the loss of their mother. They are fine but we have to start setting them up with clothes; uniforms; books etc.  We are so thankful to have Home Based Carers in the area which can attend to those emergencies.

We have two matriculants that are applying for study/ learnerships. Please always keep your ears open for us for positions; bursaries and learnerships. They also have their matric farewell coming up – suits and ties required for our young gentlemen! Hopefully our next letter will have grand photos of the handsome young men.

The heart behind Hlanganani

To give you an idea of the heart behind Hlanganani, I have attached a letter of a young man who has come through Hlanganani from 2008 and is a Home Based Carer himself now.  Obviously each child is individual and each has their own experiences. Enjoy! 
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Our next event, 19th November, is the Christmas Party to be held at iJump where the children can jump to their hearts content on anything that makes them bounce!  It sounds like fun!! J We have received a donation from Meadow feeds to help us with that excitement in the children’s lives (and ours).

Thank you to all you precious donors and sponsors for keeping us going and helping the Home Based Carers to keep an eye on their children  and the children supplied with the basics, for a relatively normal basic living. (Way different to ours).
Kind regards 'til next time. 
A huge thank you to all sponsors; supporters and interested parties!