Hlanganani Newsletter

Nov/Dec 2016


I am so overwhelmed and happy to be blessed!

I received mountains of presents to hand out to the kids and got to see the happiness on the faces. Please join me when you get a chance in these celebrations and happiness.  The home based carers were a wonderful support and did a great job.

Junction Church collected 30 shoe boxes filled with all sorts of lovely goodies from all the ladies, for the Diepsloot children.

Hot 91.9 collected for all the kids in Lanseria/Cosmo/LionPark area (40 children), where each child got something to play with. 

All these gifts were taken to the jump arena near Clearwater Mall in Roodepoort.  There, we had a venue where we could eat, meet, drink and revive the sweaty children after their full hour of jumping, bouncing, hurting, laughing and joy. 

Meadow Feeds were the kind sponsors of this lovely party. 

A huge thank you to all of you.  Enjoy the photos.

Developing wisdom & planning in our children

One of the matric boys did not go to his farewell as he saved the money we gave him to go to work the following week.  My heart broke when I found that out. 

This shows you the calibre of wisdom and planning that we are trying to develop in our children.  May God bless him for this faithfulness.

Ps. the child has just received a permanent job with the place where he was going. THANK YOU Lanseria International Airport

We need Volunteers!

We need someone to fundraise and move our project forward as funds are not allowing us to expand although we have done incredibly well so far.  Any volunteers?? 

This is not only for fund raising but anything you can put your hand to.  Community effort makes this work. “Get together” is what is meant by “Hlanganani”.

Exciting news coming in 2017

Exciting news for the safe house,  but I will tell you more about it when there are more concrete decisions about it for 2017!

End of year greetings and “Hamba Kahle” (Go well) wherever you head to with family or friends.

Some letters of thanks from the children

Kind regards 'til next time. 
A huge thank you to all sponsors; supporters and interested parties!