Our Vision

To partner, mentor and come alongside members of the community to empower them to actively transform and uplift themselves and their community.

Hlanganani means “Get together”. Hlanganani is a group of people who have come together to uplift and encourage the orphaned, to give them a hope and a future. We envisage this to be a sustainable model that can encourage others to work and multiply on a small scale - and as a whole then uplift the orphans in a community. This can be done anywhere in the world with keeping the orphans within their culture and family homes, while making sure they grow up whole and empowered.

Our Mission

To establish a network of people, organisations and businesses that could provide expertise in uplifting a community by empowering the members which are caring for widows and orphans...

So that they all become effective in society and in turn empower others.This is done by means of:

  • Volunteer, trained, Home Based Carers that visit selected orphans in their own homes, weekly, to form relationship.
  • We provide the basic necessities, as best we can, until they are able to sustain themselves.
  • We support them if they go to school and receive reports at the end of every term in order for us to check their mental, emotional and physical progress.
  • We also try to help them to get their identity papers in order, to receive government grants, etc. The goal is, not to run their lives, but to empower them.

We work from a base of a crèche or school that we help to uplift while we use it as a central meeting place to see the children and their care givers on organised occasions.

This model on which we work we have found to be really sustainable in the following ways:

  1. The children remain in their culture and family environs.
  2. This is cost effective and close to the Home Based Carers homes.

If we had more hands(help), this model has multiple ways of expansion. Growth into: spiritual growth, youth mentoring, business skills, school tutoring, medical care, nutrition, character formation, teacher upliftment. We have started small in order to perfect the model. Now we are looking after 50 orphans.