Hlanganani Orphans Care

Practical Ways of Assisting the program to care for the community

We need to have a person in charge of each of these to do the following:

We are nominally involved in each of these areas at the moment but it has much room for multiplication.

  • finances
  • communication,
  • administration,
  • implementation,
  • follow up and
  • report back, and
  • making sure the that the progress is continually monitored and
  • the workers mentored.

The following require a team to support each one:

  • Social Work and liason
  • Home Based Care and training and mentoring
  • Youth Peer Care training and mentoring
  • Clothing – collection and distribution , uniforms.
  • Stationary and books
  • Food - ordering and supply
  • School Visits
  • Ministry
  • Tutoring
  • Functions at schools
  • School Reports and monitoring
  • Enterprise – training and support
  • Computer skills training
  • Books and Finances
  • Dept home Affairs – to get grants, id , certificates
  • Housing repair
  • Maintenance and security
  • School Communication and Upliftment
  • Funding

Each one of these will involve a team of supporters around them-: hopefully from and in the Diepsloot Community. All of the above would be volunteer positions with no salary attached, unless we receive funding that can cover it.