South Africa in Crisis

“Aids has brought human development in much of Africa south of the Sahara to a standstill … human development in sub-Saharan Africa stagnates ... while progress in other parts of the world accelerates”.
(UNDP report. News 2007/01/05)

“The Southern Africa region is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis unlike any other.”
(Unicef. Southern Africa - countries in crisis. 2006/11/30).

In 1990 the life expectancy for South Africans was 61,8 years. This declined to 49 years for women and 47 years for men in 2005, with an expected average of 37 years in 2010.
(UN Integrated Regional Information. 2002)

We do not have an option but to begin in our own sphere to alleviate the consequences of this crisis, by improving the lives of the resultant orphans. "Do not pray for tasks equal to our power, pray for power equal to the task."
Philip Brooks