A Closer Look

A closer look at the present project in Diepsloot, Johannesburg:

Our office is on William Nicole on the way to Diepsloot past the Indaba hotel. On the left, just before the bridge is the Junxion Center, where you will find us.

A group of volunteers have uplifted an Early Childhood Development Centre in Extension 7 of Diepsloot. Here we have met with the orphans and the Care givers for specific occasions since our inception in 2008. We have gradually increased our numbers of orphans and Home Based Carers as we became more financially able and received the commitment of new volunteers. At present, with 5 trained Home Based Carers we care for 30 orphans in Diepsloot. We are working in a second Early Childhood Education Centre in Diepsloot - Mother Touch Academy, while networking with business and interested parties.

Activities at present:

  • Some donations from various individuals and a couple of companies.
  • Selected someone who is already active in the community and a heart for the process.
  • Pre – school and school upliftment.
  • Train Home Based Care workers – start with one that role models and teaches others.
  • 3 cycles of a 6 week or 8 modules training course, creates the opportunity for about 42 HBC workers. Generally, there is drop out so we work with the faithful that have attended all meetings and written an exam. They are Volunteers and will only receive stipends once they are working effectively with their orphans. Reports are handed in monthly, to administrate.
  • At the moment we have 5 HBC trained individuals – looking after 30 orphans in the community. This excludes the extended family, but we do attempt to check the whole household is functioning as close to normal as possible.
  • The basics are seen to in the child’s home so there is no major outlay for buildings, electricity lights and water etc.
  • We see to basic food, clothing, school, health, mentoring, and care of grandparents, if they are the head of the family, youth mentoring and tutoring. (BUSINESS MENTORING still to be established.)
  • We expect a school report from every child to show that they are attending school and making an effort. We also try to assist in getting vegetable patches at their home which they should care for and maintain.
  • The preschool acts as centre for all Hlanganani meetings. The centre can be used for homework, support, physically and emotionally, mentoring, safe place, week-end entertainment/youth work, needs distribution.

Needs for the future:

  • Home maintenance
  • Business Mentoring and finances to empower the following to become self-supporting:
  1. Home Based Care workers so that they have time for the community work
  2. Head of home eg grandparents or orphans themselves
  3. Teen head of home


We have found this model to be amazingly sustainable and multipliable:

  • one company/one church can support one preschool or one primary school or one high school

1 company/church = 1 preschool /school = approx 20 orphans from 6 families = 35 individual lives changed.

So if:

12 company / churches = 12 preschools/schools x 5 orphans = 60 orphans x 5 in each family = 300 individuals in each community could be changed??

So What can you do and how?

  1. Identify pre-school/school/ as centre with someone within the community you can work with
  2. Train 5 HBC workers, 5 youth carers. (No cost)
  3. 5 business men volunteer to mentor
  4. Administration people to move forward.
  5. Money/Donors

God moves when you make the move!

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