Cosmo city

Currently in Cosmo City, we have 9 children in a school called Sgodiphola High School (Blue Roof School) and Blue Eagles school where 5  home-based carers are trained. This model is slightly different in that the Home Based Carers are teachers and staff of the school so the children are seen every day during term time to keep an eye on them. The project is working well for older children; keeping teenagers on track. This could be spread to the other schools easily with increased funding. Mentoring and physical provision of food and toiletries are seen to once a month.

Some have passed through the program and are out in the world studying and working.  We still keep in contact with them and they in turn mentor younger ones, passing the gift of care on.

An investigation into the impact of Hlanganani Orphan Care (HOC) in changing lives of Orphans in Cosmos City. 

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