Hlanganani Newsletter June 2024

Read, Set, Study! As six of our teenagers are in the throngs of writing their first set of Matric exams. Our Child & Family Coordinator, Sharon, has been putting in...

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Hlanganani Newsletter February 2024

Dear Supporters of Hlanganani 2024 We have been operating for 24 years, this year – officially since 2008! Legacy from 2000 We had a gathering of some of our “Oldies”- children that have been through Hlanganani and are now grown up and some with families of their own.  To hear...


Hlanganani Newsletter December 2023

A Year In Review: What a year it has been! Life is certainly like a rollercoaster…it comes with lots of highs and a few lows and many unexpected twists and turns around each corner. However, as we give all to the Lord, we can throw our hands up high and...