We have spent December 2021 preparing for our next(3rd) model of orphan care, beginning with preschool aged children. The government does not pay for our preschoolers, so those without the means of fees payment, miss out on their basic primary groundwork for education. The orphaned and vulnerable children land up in Grade 1 with no basic education and they are already at a disadvantage.

Childcare centres in South Africa need more support: principals tell of pandemic impact

However, the good news is, we have supported the beginning of 3 new preschools. One in Diepsloot, Flying Eagles Academy and two in Cosmo City Ebenezerhopeorg. Each one of these schools will have the capacity for us to sponsor 10 orphans in each preschool to start with a greater chance of a better education. So far we have 8 orphans signed up and space for another 22!