Currently we have 4 children, that we keep an eye on, still funded by donors. Some are older and out of school but we still keep in contact with them – paving the path of life and encouraging them on. They started with us in 2008 and are now in the working world. One or two of them are mentoring and caring for younger ones, to pass on the gift.

We have a safe house has been renovated and turned into a preschool. This is so that those orphans who can’t pay for preschool, can have an education. We will have 10 sponsored orphans and the rest of the children will be paying.  These Hlanganani children will then have the teachers as their Home Based Carers in turn, to keep an eye on them both at home and at school. 

This house is also a safe space, available, should incidents out of the Hlanganani children’s control happen, and they need a safe place to stay. The auxiliary social worker that stays there, can then deal with the situation.

Mentoring and physical provision of food and toiletries are seen to once a month.

Qualitative research report on the impact of Hlanganani Orphan Care in empowering orphans: A case of Diepsloot, Gauteng , South Africa.

Qualitative analysis report

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