Dear Family and Friends of Hlanganani

I have been so blessed to see the workings out of our Home Based Carers love and commitment for the children.  Without them and God in them, we would have been nothing.  I am excited to give you a link to the full summary of our 11 years in Diepsloot.  An independent analysis was made by a lady with a Bachelor of Social Science Honors degree in Developmental Studies. Herewith the link to her findings.  Enjoy!  We will still get the Cosmo and Lanseria analysis done, as soon as possible:

Qualitative research report

The end of the year is upon us and the exams have almost come to an end.  Our one and only young lady in Matric is applying to Pretoria Technikon for Police Training.  The rest, I really hope there are no failures this year.  I am not excited about most marks but they are certainly doing better than the previous years.  I hope we are making permanent changes, through requesting that they hand in their reports each term, to check their commitment.  Those that don’t co-operate we don’t continue supporting. 

We have so many teenagers now that have grown up through the years with us, 27 of them!!  All looking for mentors and role models ……if you are available please let us know.  15 below 12 years of age that are up and coming!

At the end of November, we are camping on our property again!! This is the end of year celebration and the opportunity to hand out Santa Shoeboxes.  We have two sleeps in tents (50 of us) and a big chicken braai (Astral donation) with all the volunteers on the Saturday.  (80  altogether?)  The Junction Church youth and volunteers, have put a fun week end together.  I will post photos on Facebook.

We have had our ups and downs with the children, but ultimately, they live with the consequences of their choices, which we will not remove from them.  Unconditional love is still the key, hoping and praying they will return to the straight path.  Conditions in their community make that almost impossible, so if it does happen, it’s a miracle!! 😊

May you all be happy and safe this festive season, thank you for your love and support.

Kind regards