I’m 21years old. My life has been a jouney that seemed impossible to reach the destiny. I grew up in a township called Diepsloot where life is better than it seems to be.

I lost my mother in 2006 and I’ve never knew my biological father. When I lost my mom I thought my life was over for me because I had no choice but to go back in the Rural Areas of KwaZulu Natal ,Because I had no family remaining in Johannesburg. But Cynthia who was my mother’s friend she convinces my Grandmother to let me continue staying with my Step-Father here in Johannesburg and they agreed and I came back to Diepsloot. Earlier in 2008, Cynthia,(my first Home based Carer) and her husband Bra-Mike (who both died) invited me to church. I started joining the church and met Hlanganani Orphan Care. Hlanganani became a home to me, they brought me hope and that’s where I met Jesus. We got a Father, Terry Wiggill who always came every Saturday to the township to collect us for mentoring, taking us to Steers. It’s was nice to go for a burger every Saturday until Terry told us “ it is a waste of time if you only go to Mentoring just for food, you must always learn and ask questions!”.

Hlanganani bought a home which is a shack for me and I’m still staying in it. Hlanganani paid all my expenses rent, food, school, clothes and everything. Hlanganani made me feel as though I was not an orphan and I thank God for taking my Biological parents away from me, because if they were here with me I don’t think I was going to be a man I am today. It made me realize that God sometimes blesses us by taking something away from us. I had well trained Home based cares, and every one of them where looking after me and my other siblings (other Orphans).

Ihave been through a lot with Hlanganani. The day I want to forget is when they organized a circumcision at Soweto Zola Hospital, I learnt that family shares tears for good reasons.

I’ve finished my Matric in 2014 but I didn’t do well and had to re-write it the following year. After that I made my choice to do a home based carer course, so that I could also look after Hlanganani younger brothers/ sisters. I think it is very good to have Home Based Carers who live in the same environment as the children you are about to help or mentor.

I’m now a home based care of 3 boys now. Being a home based care is about bonding with a child and building a strong relationship so that they trust and won’t hesitate to tell or ask you something. In being a Home based Carer I don’t take away their families responsibilities, I just help where I can. I told the families that I’m working with, that Hlanganani does not do everything but they help them to grow their child and help to make them the Leaders that everyone wishes they had. Being a Home Based Carer requires you to be filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and I always encourage them to put their hope in the Lord.

We also have started outings after church with the young men of Hlanganani. They seem to enjoy it as I did when I was their age. The main reason for this is for them to have a good relationship with their Father in Heaven. My role as a leader is not to make followers but to make other leaders. I will be extremely happy if I will see these young men strong and responsible family men in the future.

I thank God for everything that Hlanganani is doing for our community, they removed the storm in my eyes, and I can see my destiny now.

Yours Faithfully

Gift Nkabinde