End of year greetings and if you reading this you are one of those that God has kept His eye on and has been faithful to you! This, God has been to us too … none of our children have passed away or fallen very ill!  We are blessed. 

Sadly, one of our past young ladies had a difficult birth situation and passed away.  The baby is being looked after by family – another orphan! 

Our Home-Based Carers have done an awesome job in the community in keeping an eye on the children under very difficult circumstances!!! This is our proof of the model making a difference in raising the community to be effective in caring for their orphans. Thank you all!!! We have the promise of a new base in between Cosmo and Lanseria – a room for displaced children to visit/stay. This is in the home of a family that has been a rock in that area.

The education of the children is another story … results of exams are still to come but Covid times have been very hard for everyone! Unfair, unsettling and disruptive. 

Our wheelchair-bound champ has been on the local radio and has received many complements in getting his wheelchair basketball team, off the ground. We have a promise of some wheelchairs from the UK due to his efforts! 

Yesterday I received SANTA SHOEBOX PARCELS!!! This is such a wonderful way to end off the year! We cannot have a party, so we will distribute into the areas, rather. We have donated clothing and a bit of food to share and a party pack each. More than that we cannot do right now. To gather the thoughts and future into consolidation, I have asked each older child to write a page of their thinking and hopes for the future and being the best, they can be. This is in lieu of school reports that have been sparse.  I would like to share them with you when I get them.

Ryan and Kirsten Gray

BIG NEWS:  Next year Ryan and Kirsten Gray and their two children will be coming alongside Terry and I. They will learn the ropes of Hlanganani and how everything operates. This is in order that there be some continuity, should we not able to continue. I am confident they will bring the most amazing flavours of God with them, into the lives of us and Hlanganani. We are very blessed and relieved to know there is someone to step into our shoes.

Once again, I have a heart full of thanks for ALL those that have … donated/sponsored/helped/signed/typed/spread the word/raised funds/collected/audited/accounted/clothed/supported/prayed/mentored and most importantly loved the children. Yes, that does include you! 😊  That’s why we are called Hlanganani – all, get together, to bring the fruit.  

May you all stay well and be blessed over the coming season … till next time.