We are all in full swing in activity; working;  school; discipleship; university; college; and of course fun in the preschools!

When I look at the spread of ages we have, over 3 “generations” of children that are going and have gone, through our hands of Hlanganani  ….. my heart is full. We thank God for His faithfulness towards us. 

My greatest prayer is that all would grow in their character; wisdom and purpose in this life and always ask God for direction, submitting their life plans to Him in order to make their paths straight. 

Below is an excerpt about the discipleship that is happening with the children! 

“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.”

― Dwight L. Moody

Life Is Like A Cupcake

Jump two feet…left hand. Jump. Both hands, right foot. Crash! Laughter erupted as each teenager tried to conquer the “Hand & Foot Challenge” Game. Quite the icebreaker. With over thirty Hlanganani teenagers on our hands, coming up with a game to help them loosen up and open up is our challenge each month. This game was a great hit.*photos*

It segued into some beautiful singing and then our discussion for the day. How “Life is like a Cupcake”… in order to have a perfect, delicious cupcake, you need the right ingredients, in the correct measure. If you put extra treats (chocolate chips, etc) into them, you get out a yummy cupcake. If you put too much baking soda or sand instead of flour, you end up with a gross cupcake. This analogy was used to talk about how participating in underage sex, smoking, drugs, etc. are choosing to “eat” gross cupcakes for your life. When offered a premade cupcake with “civet cat poo” in it for extra protein (given that it’s used for coffee, it could be great for cupcakes?!)…everyone exclaimed with disgust. Yuck, no thanks!

However, if we put good tasty treats like positive friends, growing closer to God, going to school rather than playing hooky to smoke, you end up with a life that’s like a scrumptious cupcake! After our hands-on baking lesson (does anyone want the leftover batter with “poop” in it?!), we chatted in small groups about what activities in their lives are like good treats and which are like too much baking soda.

For many of our teenagers, this is the only time they hear messages of encouragement and direction to walk a life that is godly. We love these discipleship groups that we do with them on a monthly basis, we are hoping to do them more often; any support towards their transport costs to these groups would be appreciated! 

Our young wheelchair basketball player “wheels life 99” /organizer /manager received his 6 brand new wheelchairs from the UK from the Highrollers club … the team is in their element and performing, challenging and achieving 5-star comments from all those involved with them!

Our home-based carer team is amazing and we are all challenged to get onto using google drive to communicate and report to one another sharing documents. Technology is always a challenge and especially for those that have the variance of ability; data and internet connection and of course electricity! 🤷‍♀️

We had such fun at a ladies’ day together 😁 but missing quite a few! 

We are really in need of tutors and mentors for our children, in all subjects and if you are keen please contact us!!!

Have a great Easter,  remembering the real reason why we are able to celebrate our new lives. 

Take care