All the best to you all for the new year.


There is a big blank in our lives – having not received any school reports and very confused education times and methods – we await more clarity.  The good news is, that our two matriculants did write their exams.  What a feat for these ones to reach matric.  Despite the chaos of the way they live, little on-line access, no electricity for days on end and many other obstacles to overcome.  With the COVID chaos too, to hiccup all studying, they still did it. I am so proud of them.

We also have a student at the North-West university – studying teaching.  This is the first Hlanganani student, in our 12 years of existence, that managed to get into University. He has achieved some distinctions and I am so proud of him. I am sure he is not the last and we look to get the others on track and into University, without them falling off track at teenagehood! A challenge!

Another one of our successful young ladies has been working faithfully at her place of work since 2012, when she completed her matric. She has raised two children, as a single mother. Now she has managed to buy a house. Wow, what a special step in life to reach. We wish her all the best!

Ryan and Kirsten Gray, who have been prepared to support Hlanganani have begun to put plans together to meet with the groups of children in separate meetings of Cosmo children; Lanseria children (2 groups) and Diepsloot. This is to mentor and uplift as best they can and build a relationship. I am so excited to hear this and really ask for prayer to make them effective. This is an area that has been so neglected, unfortunately. It’s a big task and we bid them success.

We have THREE matriculants entering this year. One in Cosmo City and two in Diepsloot.  They are getting ready for school and have started to get textbooks and their special matric jackets and the year is about to take off.  We bid them success too!!!  A great achievement to get to this stage in their lives!

The rest of the children, I hope, will have a smoother year in education and progress far beyond our expectations!!  Without on-line and modern technology to help them, they have a steep mountain to climb. The raging inequality in this area is devastatingly real. If anyone has answers and can help in this area, bring it on!!!

During all the rains we had a leaking shack in our Lion Park Community, of one of our children and his brother.  Delay in the delivery of materials, hiccups etc, made it impossible to keep things dry. Our Home Based Carers organized a tent for them!  Well the shack was built eventually and we have some happy dry people! Thank you to all involved and donors that made this possible. ☺️

Until my next newsletter, may you all remain well. Take care.