A wonderful New Year to you all and may you all be ready and strong. 

The children are heading back to schools which means it is the stationary and uniform and new classes and all is new and running in all directions.  All our children passed, bar 3. One of the schools cancelled their bus without telling us so the poor children were left in the rain waiting for what? We then had to organize private transport for them. Thank you sponsors, without you we would not be able to do this.

We are blessed with the exciting news that all 4 of our matriculants passed with a bachelor’s pass, which means they could go on and study at university if they so wished and had the money to do so.  This is amazing since we have been waiting for success like this for years!!!!  Congratulations young ladies and gentlemen – we are awesomely proud of you.  Thank you to all those that helped to tutor at various stages to get them through! 

One of them is already employed.  If anyone has openings for unskilled labour for one young lady and one young man – or if anyone is willing to take on learnerships for these young leaders, please contact us.  One graphic artist; logistics; education and nature conservation are their interests at the moment.

With the government not paying for preschool education, orphans, start life at a complete disadvantage, besides not having parents.  This year we are planning to take on 30 new preschool children that will be in 3 different pre-schools which are enterprise development centres.  The teachers will become the home-based carers, so the little ones will have sponsored, full daycare and go home to their guardians in the evening.  They will work their way through preschool, be mentored by the teachers and enter school life, whole, protected and well prepared for school. 

In the afternoons the centres can be aftercare facilities for others and we may start tutoring centres even.  The world of adventure awaits us.  We submit our plans to the Lord and He will make our paths straight. Proverbs 3v6.

This is the 4th kind of model that we are trying out in our 14 years of running Hlanganani. Sponsorship towards the education of our little ones will be gladly received. Everyone involved has spent the holidays sprucing up our little educational centres to receive the little ones.  Many thanks to the staff, the Prop Man and all the sacrifices that the workers made to get ready in time. We also have received donations of various preschool things and books to contribute to the cause!  Fridge; Microwave; tables; chairs, equipment and toys. It’s very exciting times…………below are the pictures of Ebenezer Hope 1; Ebenezer Hope 2 and Flying Eagles Academy.  Well done all and may you all be blessed in your endeavour of growing our future generations of leaders and community.

Our model in the communities works well where most of our children have extended families that can care for them as orphans, we help to support them to do that. Sadly, an Uncle that was caring for two of our children was killed immediately in January, while busy with an illegal electrical connection. These are the dangers of living in the informal settlement areas. Thankfully the children had an aunt that was prepared to take over the care of the children. Otherwise, they would have been sent back to the rural lands or to a full-time orphanage.

We trust that your 2022 will go smoothly and will catch up with more news in March.

Take Care