Greetings to you, halfway through the year. 

All the children have been well, and we thank God for that.  One child burnt her face, on steam from a pot, but with quick action from the home-based carer who took her to the clinic, I think she will get away with minimal scarring.

We are ploughing our way through the educational minefield in the government schools. Things do not look pretty.  There are class average percentages of 30 to 35 % most times, so when a child gets 33, they think they have done well!!! A number have just dropped out of going to school, one day a week!  Most children are soldiering on and doing their best, which shows character and perseverance.

School holidays are coming up in July. We will do the job shadowing then, for 16 years and older, if the world cooperates in having them.  The chosen careers are:  lawyer, guard dog training, IT; Artist; and Social Worker.

I think we are not out of the woods as far as food and essential provision is concerned. So many family heads are without work. This means a close eye needs to be kept on the children. Home-based Carers must be in close communication with the children. Please donate any non -perishable food or excess second-hand clothing, to keep others warm. We will pass anything on to where it is needed.

The great news is, that a few of the Hlanganani family, that are now young men and ladies at work, have volunteered to step into the system again. They will be mentors for the younger ones.   This is what we have been waiting for, (for 21 years),  to see the fruit of our labours. Community-Based Assets!!!

A few have their driver’s licenses, and one own’s her own bonded house.   So, they are all setting an example to those, in the growing up phase, through Hlanganani.  They will begin by mentoring the existing Hlanganani Children in their community and then move out from there.

Our wheelchair basketball champ, has managed to procure some wheelchairs (6 !!)  from a UK donor. He also found a donor that is prepared to ship them out for us from the UK. I hope it doesn’t take too long!

Please remember our youth on 16 June on Youth Day, as they are the powerhouse of our future; pray for them. We will try to have a get together to celebrate them.

Here is a word from our faithful Mentors on the ground, Kirsten and Ryan Grey:

Blankets of Love

If we follow the example of Jesus Christ and become true peacemakers, that flood of love will cover the earth as with a blanket.

– Theodore M. Burton

It was such a bountiful blessing to provide blankets for the Hlanganani Orphan Kids in need of one this winter. It came to our attention that as the weather was getting rather cold at night (June heralds at the beginning of winter here in South Africa), some of the vulnerable and orphaned children in the communities we support needed blankets! The same day we heard of the need, we received a fantastic donation to purchase the blankets! A wonderful and speedy answer to prayer. We are so grateful to everyone who helped ensure these precious children are kept warm at night!

Books of Love

The whole Bible is a love story, the greatest ever told. It begins with God, and God is love. It was such a joy to share this great love story with many of the Hlanaganani kids. Beautiful picture bibles with colourful landscapes bringing to life the heroes, dramas, and truth of the Bible were gifted to any child who was able to show commitment in attending their monthly mentor groups. The children’s delight was electric and a wonderful thing to see. We pray that the Lord will open their hearts and minds to His voice as they learn more about Him through His written word.

All of the best to you all, thank you for your support, take care and keep well,

Kind regards Bonnie