If you are reading this, I trust you are well and looking after yourself and family, at this precarious and confusing time!

During this lockdown period, we have continued to check on the children, for food issues and health. The champions, the home based carer in Lanseria and Diepsloot, respectively, are on the ground visiting the children, albeit in lockdown. They have delivered essential food and sanitizer and asked them to fetch food from them if need be. The fortified cereal that we give them has 100% RDA of vitamins and does not need to be cooked. This ensures us that if they are hungry, with no money for paraffine they have the basics to support themselves, in a healthy way, till a new plan can be made. The inserted photo shows a granny who came to fetch sanitizer and food.

One child has landed in hospital with a tummy bug, otherwise all the children have been well.

The Cosmo City home based carers, had to keep connection going, by phone, to regularly check up on them. Normally they would see them at school every day. Contact with the guardians, is a great thing to have, and essential. This is because all will know that they are accountable to someone. At least some monitoring is happening, especially if there are issues in the home, even before lock down! When I get their reports at the end of April, I shall see if that went well or not.

Our building alterations for our proposed preschool for orphans, are coming along, but slow now with lockdown!

We have had a few monetary donations trickle in which has been a blessing to provide extra where we can.

A major concern is that while the privileged have continued with on-line education and tuition, our children do not. Most have no cell phones, let alone network coverage, or data, to research or study while in lock down. This is my next appeal to the big companies out there……………provide network! This then can set our people free to be educated on- line! Financial training; mentoring; tutoring, more than you can dream or imagine will be made available to our majority.

So, anyone that can HELP – please HELP! I know this will take a while to roll out, but no time like the present to get vision and action in line to break into a new way of doing things!

One of our children wants to set up a wheelchair basketball team…………. See if you can help there too?

Follow this link to see his awesome letter to us all! 😊

Kind regards, take care, until next time.