An Awesome Afternoon

After many days of emails, phone calls, and preparations, Nelson Mandela Day arrived, with Cosmo Mall certainly living up to the wishes of Nelson Mandela, who said, “Together as a nation, we have the obligation to put sunshine into the hearts of our little ones. They are our precious possessions. They deserve what happiness life can offer.” Through many stores’ generosity, kindness, and blessings, Cosmo Mall “put sunshine into the hearts” of the Hlanganani children and made it a day they will remember for a long time.

The Hlanganani children had permanent smiles on their faces as they rode on the bumper cars and then enjoyed some yummy pizza, rice, chicken, and sweets, as well as the wonderful games provided. They were also gifted with huge bags of goodies (clothes, food, games, stationary, etc.); it was truly “Christmas in July” for them. 

It was beautiful to see the older girls sing a lovely worship song in acapella and then over forty voices raised together as the children sang the national anthem in honour of the day. Once the event ended, we began driving the children home…slowly through the rough dirt terrain back to their humble homes. A reminder for us that there is still so much more work to be done. But for today, we will celebrate the fact that they had an afternoon of fun and extra special treats, such as pizza!

An overseas experience:

Our one young man, Thato (a home-based carer), and his fellow disabled friend have worked hard and been rewarded with the most incredible opportunity to visit the HIGHROLLERS wheelchair basketball club in the UK.  They paid for their tickets over there and we await to hear their experiences. Below is a letter and a few photographs and a link to a video he sent.

A message from THATO

I personally thank you so much aunt Bonnie & uncle Terry, and Hlanganani whom has been always be in support since I was still a high school learner and I am very much thankful that no one gave up on me towards myself, I and the team that I have today to continued journey for your tremendous help with a lot of huge contributions Without your diligence, hard work, and several long communications.

Taking this journey is a blessing and it was my 1st time claming the plane, and a lot of joy and how it feels like living a dream, I would not have been able to make it to travel very far away from home. Johannesburg, South Africa to UK, England for just wheelchair basketball the love of sport it remains. And we did so much more than that: we still having a good training and play as well as fun in Chelmsford Exess at Highrollerswbc club.

And also, thanks to everyone’s major efforts, Your hard work has not gone unnoticed, and I, along with the entire team, would like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of you.

God and prayer are the number one as always, only if we have faith in him. We living a dream come true never expected this as early as possible, I have more plans towards my personal life and the future of the team, that if I could have to be placed in any of workplace can travel the word, keeping the God’s grace.

Many more thanks
In light and sky is limitless,


One of our young ladies has been awarded the opportunity of a bursary to the Swiss Hotel school in Randburg for a year. She will learn all the basics in the hospitality and food industry, some entrepreneurship skills, which will certainly give her great skills to move forward with.  She has moved into her accommodation, which is amazing – unfortunately not part of the bursary, so if anyone is prepared to donate towards that, please go into our website link to donate and mark it for her.  Below is her letter of request.

Sponsorship letter for accommodation and food

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Mandy Mahlangu I am 19 years old I live with my older sister and her daughter in a one-roomed house. I live in a township where there are less opportunities.

I have got an opportunity to study at a culinary school called Swiss Hotel School. The school has been provided with a bursary by SETA to fund 20 young South Africans to study at the school to do a one-year course. The bursary covers all the tuition fees as well as the chef uniform, knife sets and lunch on study days.

I wrote the letter requesting to be funded for the accommodation, food, laptop and toiletries because the bursary provided by SETA covers tuition fees only.

I am asking for this sponsorship because I live in a township that is not safe. I can get robbed in the morning when I go to school due to traffic in the morning, and I can be late for my classes. We experience loadshedding a lot and don’t have a backup plan. Also, we have network issues. I won’t be able to study or do my assignments at home because my niece is a noisy person, and there are a lot of distractions since it’s a room house. I will encounter a lot of problems when it comes to my schoolwork. I think It would be better if I stayed at the school accommodation because I won’t experience loadshedding since they have a backup plan. There is wi-fi, so I will be able to do my assignments and submit them on time. At res, the security is tight because our safety is their priority. I will be able to study and prepare for my tests exams without any disturbances or destructions. I will be able to focus on my schoolwork.

My contact number is 0728682839 in case you want to communicate with me the amount of food that I will need monthly is R1800 for food and R400 for toiletries but I have not gotten the place yet, and it will be less than R3000and I will be staying there for one year since it’s a one year course

I really appreciate the time given to consider my request.

Yours sincerely
Mandy Mahlangu

Donations received

We had another lovely donation of toilet paper from Twinsavers that has been given to the children to learn entrepreneurship skills and earn some pocket money. (One child will be able to buy a matric dance dress with her earnings.) That is certainly a product that sells well! 😊

We have also had wonderful donations of Chicken from Chemunique for the schools and the mentoring groups, fantastic healthy meals.  Protein is essential to feed the children for their development and brain!

Training and Thanks

Early September saw us together at a thank you lunch for the Home Based Carers. They were presented with an excellent training manual that Kirsten had put together for them.  Tips for well-being and self-care for carers were shared as we enjoyed the lunch together.  We are always thankful for the servant hearts of the whole team. 2 Thess 1 v 11 and 12.

On that note, may you all keep well and healthy till next time.
Kind regards
The Hlanganani Team