Hi to you all

First term is nearly over and things have been quite exciting!!! What looks bad, is turned into good for those who love HIM!

A huge “shout out” to those regular contributors to our cause……. Your tax certificates are being made, as I write this letter.  Thanks to all those at VLA (Vince Laubscher and associates) that keep our financials up to date and in order.  We have new assistance at the Junction Center, Clare.  She helps with the monthly recons, slips and book-keeping.  Clare is taking over from Chanelle, who is in the process of moving overseas.

A HUGE thank you to our once off donors of greater amounts. This gives us such security that we know we can continue for the next few months!!!

We continue to get the odd phone calls of sponsors/volunteers, to which I respond.  Some successes, some not. It is always worth the response, you never know who will commit!!!

Lanseria:  With the “resignation” of some Home Based Carers, we have tried to keep our eyes open for well- known grannies and her friends that are living in and effective in their community. They certainly know what is going on in their communities!!! This is so we can go through training sessions with them, to act as a “safe house” should the children need a home or protection in any way.  The Lanseria grannies had their first session last Saturday, learning about operating with empathy, not sympathy. We are not operating out of charity but out of love, for the children.  We provide what we can but they have to be going to school and bring their school reports to us regularly.

One child is still living with a home based carer from November last year due to inaction of our social services. It’s a poor state to be in but the child is happy and cared for!  A BIG thanks to the home based carers that are willing to do this!

Diepsloot: On the Diepsloot side we have started (foundations are being dug as I write), for ablutions, see pic. This is to convert the facilities we have, into a pre-school. This will be overseen and operated by Nonhlanhla, our auxiliary social worker.  She is undergoing teacher training.  The aim is to have orphan pre-schoolers who cannot afford to pay fees at other pre-schools(government does not pay).  So, these children will have to be sponsored or supported by other fees paying children????

Cosmo:  On the Cosmo side all the children are from Gr 8 – 12 and we are getting a few new ones, as new children arrive at the school and leave in matric. I have managed to receive a few messages from committed students that are willing to help them with tutoring. 

Another is a psychology honors student who, for her practical, will build relationship and chat to our young ladies and gents to see what is going on in their lives.  This I hope will contribute to motivation and mentoring.  We also do a “lifestyle audit” which gives us a score.  This is to check out their vulnerability.   Periodically we do this, to check their improvement or degeneration, to help us with deciding how to deal with the child.

One of our children (T), who is disabled managed to organize another wheelchair for another young boy. T is also in the process of setting up a team for wheelchair basketball in Cosmo. I am so proud of him. I really hope he succeeds. This is the character we celebrate.

Keep praying for us.  All our communities are vulnerable with a high HIV /Diabetes/TB status and with this Corona Virus ………??? Life in God, is always an adventure. You never know what’s happening around the corner and upstairs!!!! However, the relief is, that He is in control!!!

Take care till next time!  😊