What a whirlwind of a year but speaking of whirlwinds, I feel we have peace in the eye of the storm. By this, I mean things have been running smoothly and according to plan. There have been no major new developments and no huge storms.

56 Hlanganani children are now ending off their year at school, writing exams. We have FOUR matriculants this year. Most children would have had to leave school by now to work to support themselves in Grade 9 or 10, however Hlanganani enables them to complete their schooling. Some of the teens go off the tracks and we try to “tough love” them back on track. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

In the June holidays the over 16’s young men went job shadowing. Two visited an engineering firm and two an IT Creative and advertising firm. This has a great impact of the lives of the young ones as they get to see other opportunities. Fashion design for one of the girls fell flat as we did not find a volunteer to take her. Let us hope all of them can go career shadowing next year.

All the under 13’s were invited to “The Children’s Flight” where 34 children were taken up in HELICOPTERS from volunteer pilots at the Grand Central Airport! This was more than I, or they, could dream or imagine! God is SO good to His children. The Home Based Carers went up with them to show they need not be afraid?? A shout out to Nonhlanhla and Masline! A major highlight of the year.

We skipped April as the normal camping out time and had it in spring in September. This time all 70 of us were all in one spot – Shalom – our plot in Northriding. This time so many volunteers offered help and ministry; cooking; games; tent putting up and down were miraculous events! Jolly hard work but miraculous, nevertheless, as such fun was had by all and done with the Grace of God. Many children committed their lives again to the Lord. We pray it stays that way! A shout out to all the volunteers!

Santa Shoebox, sadly, did not have enough donors this year so we did not get parcels from them…… but God…… and the ladies of the Junction Church made the situation into a miracle. We have 56 parcels all wrapped and ready to be delivered! How amazing is that? The Christmas Party is at a venue that is more than you, or I, or the children, could dream and imagine…..but that’s a secret!! The venue owners have sponsored the treat. Watch this space for photos.

The Home Based Carers have been offered a trip to a spa for all the pampering they deserve for being such wonderful Moms of Many (MOM). I am so proud of them.
To celebrate Hlanganani’s existence for 10 years, I have put together a little book, which is nearly ready for print and will be handed out in the new year to those who would like to know about our journey!

Every time I write this letter I am amazed at how much GOOD NEWS we have – this is not around much anymore – except with us! Thank you to all sponsors and prayer warriors for allowing our story to be a good one!
Kind regards ’til next time.

A huge thank you to all sponsors, supporters and interested parties!