Life has been more interesting lately, so news is about the awesome experiences of the teenagers over 16 years of age. They went in 9 different directions over 3 days which made the logistics a bit nightmarish for me. However, all is said and done and I hope to post some letters of their thanks and joy in experiencing what they did.
We visited the journalism world of the Caxton newspaper; free-lance journalism; design in toys and furniture accessories with cherry dot studios and an upmarket designer in clothing, Tania Sutherland. There was also Nail technical experience in the beauty industry and baking in the business world for Doppio Foods. Then the exciting world of security, camera monitoring and response vehicles and even a practice shot at the shooting range! Each experience will boost these children and lift them off their launchpad into greater things. They did have such a wonderful time, thank you to all those who put themselves out for Hlanganani.

That’s the only way we can succeed by Getting Together” (Hlanganani).

Last week, all the Diepsloot children met with Lonehill Academy Outreach group, which has its school in the Junction Center, to build a relationship and have a fun time together. We hope to build more together in time. See the photos below.

Normally we would have had a camp, by now, but the logistics just did not work. Winter is too cold. So, roll on summer, then we can have what the children really love. Swim; sun and camping. The children are on holiday now and will get their school reports when they get back to school on the 9 July. I have had a couple of volunteers helping with the Maths and Life Science. Let’s hope it makes a difference! Another volunteer has taken two days a week to take a child (11yrs old) that cannot read, out of school and do her best to get the child on track. The home based carers also help with the homework if they can.

We had a huge delivery of tissues and paper rolls and toilet paper from Twinsavers – damaged boxes – so I am going to try to get the Entrepreneurship juices flowing in the children to make some pocket money. Last time we did this a child was able to make enough to buy themselves a cell phone!

Thank you to all for your continued love and support.

A huge thank you to all sponsors, supporters and interested parties!