Dear Supporters; Volunteers; Donors and Prayer Warriors;

We got off to a very busy start of the year and now its already school holidays just around the corner. 28 March! All the Children have been back at school for almost 2 months, some have been on camps/outings with their schools. Uniform cash was generally handled well by the Home Based Carers and they budgeted and kept slips for accountability. They have learnt from their mistakes so hopefully, they will continue to grow strongly in this responsibility.

One of the children was suddenly attacked by a virus and HBC had to call an ambulance which took 1 and a half hours to arrive from 5 km away. The roads are so bad that the ambulance could not get to her so they had to carry her down to the arranged spot. She is now well after a night in the hospital.

Our Home-Based Carer who was attacked in January is doing well now too, his skull is still healing and he goes back for check-ups. Annoyingly it is very expensive to go there and takes a whole day from work to do it, only to get there and no doctor arrives and then to be told to come back tomorrow! So many South Africans either do not get check ups because of this or lose their jobs!

Coming up over the school holidays we are running a camp for the kids (33) at my home, weather permitting or not!? We intend to go over the real rocky ground of covering issues in their lives in order to lead them forward into victory. We know the Lord is willing to see the kids set free so please pray for this. We are also putting together a budgeting/economic/entrepreneurship workshop as a life skill for them.

Every alternating week the Home Based Carers have been going through a discipleship course with their children. They go through foundational principals of the Christian life. The other week while the children are at tutoring, I go through it (One2One) with the Home Based Carers. Four children are wanting to get baptised which we will do soon.

Please pray that this year each one will truly become whole and fulfilled in the destiny that God has for them.

Thank you ALL for your loving support and prayers. Take care and God be with you