My heart is breaking today for the number of children we have disappointed by cancelling the camp.  We have had no water in our taps for 7 days on our property and ironically pouring rain!  Roadworks burst our pipes and they still not fixed!  So, too much water and too little water has changed the plan and we will have to make it up later on in the year!  So no promised photos of joy!!!

Good news is that two of our older boys have graduated through a security learnership program, one of them receiving an award for top student amongst 300 candidates. They look so good and we proud of them. I pray that this will give them more of a foundation for better work options.

Three of our newly trained home based carers have signed on children, allowing 7 more children to have extra care and new horizons to look at! 5 of them are in the new area that we are expanding to, near Lanseria. That new Home Based Carer is training two more home based carers to help her, as there are 9 more children waiting for acceptance. The area is poverty stricken and some families go to the bushes for their toilet. Hard to comprehend in this day and age, but it’s sadly true.

We hope to bring more change into that area as soon as we can… watch this space.

The grannies that are looking after children were taken through parental training to help them with tools to help them bring up their wards! One home-based carer and so many lives have changed already, I am so proud of her and thankful to our great God behind her.

The tutoring has been going again with faithful and committed tutors, I pray too, that the children will also become as committed and faithful to their own upliftment, please continue to pray for this with me.

Juliana, from Germany, will be coming back in May this year, (she was with us last year) to see how she can continue to support us at Hlanganani and Life Explosion, to keep making a difference in this world.

Sorry it’s such a short letter this time but I was hoping we could have camp photos to fill the gaps!

Take care till next time!

A huge thank you to all sponsors; supporters and interested parties!