Hi everyone,

I am sure you are hankering for some good news. Well here it comes. We’re 10 years old this year!!

I am trying to put together a book this year collecting snippets from everyone – so please send your contribution about your involvement and thoughts about Hlanganani. That IS good news! We have come so far and done so many things and made a difference.

“When you find the cause that inspires you, and the way to get involved that engages your heart and mind – you will make a big difference in this world.”

– Bill Gates


Our matrics passed 2017; one with a bachelors pass, the other with a diploma pass and the last one I haven’t been able to find out yet! She has disappeared into the adult world but I will keep asking.

I started off the year with an angel visiting me from Germany, Carla – she helped in so many ways to get the year going! Unfortunately Carla did not get to see many children as they were all involved with the business of starting the year off.

She writes: “I am really happy that I had the opportunity to gain an insight into Hlanganani and how it functions.
It was really interesting to accompany Bonnie to different encounters at schools and homes of different home based carers. The most beautiful thing for me was to see that all the women tried to care and look after the orphans, as if they were their own children. Besides the love that the helpers/volunteers give, they could be more generous if they get more support. It is admirable that a lot of people already know about Hlanganani and that the kids realized that through this voluntary program, they can have a better future.”

Thank you Carla.

The children started of the school year with new stationary and bookbags so kindly donated by Santa Shoebox and Junction Church members, it was such a help and the kids were so excited to start school with new things! Since then we have been kitting them out in what was needed in the uniform department.


We are signing on 9 new children which brings our total to 57 to make up the numbers that have left for various reasons. With more funding, we can take on more children as some Home Based Carers only have 2 extra children (besides their own). We put a maximum at 6 Hlanganani children per Home Based Carer (which already is a lot of children) for a greater ability to check and give more personal attention to each child. We pray that God gives us the right children to make a difference to and we are committed to them, no matter what, until they show no interest in making a difference in their own lives and are not being accountable to us.

We have the children only until Grade 11, really, to make a difference in their lives. When they reach Gr 12 we hardly see them, as they are always at school! Certainly, the children that we got when they were younger have really been changed and supported. If we get the children when they younger, things seem to go more smoothly.

The 2nd Hlanganani model where teachers at school are the Home Based Carers for high school students works really well for the older children, as the teachers see them virtually every day, to keep them on track.

Lanseria International airport has been supporting the whole of the Cosmo City and Lanseria side of operations since 2016. They have given is a huge sign to put up which we will in due course when the appropriate spot is found. (PHOTO) We are hoping and praying they will continue to support us. If not, the whole side of that operation will collapse consisting of 35 children and 12 Home Based Carers. They certainly are making a difference in that community through funding us. Thank you, Lanseria International Airport!

A “Victory Weekend “ took place on the 3rd of March- 9 of our young men and women (16 yrs and over) responded and moved forward in their walk with God through it, thank you Junction Team!

A Leadership training for Home based Carers will be happening on the 17th of March for the ladies, by attending a breakfast called “Renew” at the Junction Church, then we will continue as Hlanganani to “sharpen the axe” as it were. We have such a lack of male home based carers and leaders, it is so sad as there are SO many boys that need father figures to mentor them and be an example to them.

Please pray for that to come into being…
I hope 2018 has been good to you so far and I look forward to bringing you more good news in the future. Take Care.
Kind regards ’til next time.

A huge thank you to all sponsors, supporters and interested parties!