UNICEF: The AIDS epidemic in South Africa is devastating for families and communities.

The country has the world’s largest number of HIV-infected people. There are an estimated 3.7 million orphans in South Africa – close to half of them have lost their parents to AIDS-related diseases and there are many more children living with sick and bedridden caregivers.

About 150,000 children are believed to be living in child-headed households.

Hlanganani tries to address this catastrophe by providing
motherly and fatherly guidance where there is none.

That is one reason for last months camp!



it was an awesome experience to see the kids blossom, flourish, contemplate and commit to better living. Some baptisms too. What a privileged position.

Please pray for the continued commitment of the children to bettering their lives.

Thank you for your support in this.

The support we had from one of our directors and my husband, not to mention DJ Fresh, his wife and sister, running mentoring for the older ones at the camp!

The home-based carers that were there were awesome support… without them, I can do nothing!

Magnification Deluxe…

An incredible experience to see the moon, the southern cross jewel box, Orion’s nebula where stars are being born, and Jupiter with its 2 brown stripes across it! I’ve never looked through a telescope like that before!!!! The kids were amazed and so blessed!!!! Thank you SA starman Vincent Nettmann, you rock. Or you star

Now food…

a very important part of the camp… sponsored by Meadow feeds and Pick n Pay. They ate so well and were sent home with Easter eggs and a fizzy drink from other donors! I made sure they had the sugar high elsewhere!

They have completed the first term of school already! Time is flying. Thank you to the tutors, they make all the difference to those that want it! At least the tutors can have a holiday too.

Some children did not return after Christmas holidays from their homelands, so we have 4 new children in our mentoring hands. One at Cosmo city and the others in Lanseria.

Thank you to all the sponsors that constantly keep us running, they got their tax certificates!

A sponsor from Sweden created a special charity shopping bag . With the sale of each of those bags 1 swedish crown was donated to us. They sold more than 34 000 bags and deposited the money into our account! a huge thank you to them!

We spend about R30 000 every month which is about R500 available towards each child’s care. There are 60 of them, so any contribution is really valuable to us.

Please could you send this letter on to others that my be interested and spread the good news!

Also if you change your email address please let us know.
Kind regards ’til next time.

A huge thank you to all sponsors, supporters and interested parties!